Install Window or Door Sensor

Credit cost – 2 Credits


Add-on cost – $33.00

Why we do this:

Installing sensors on your windows or doors offers several benefits for home security. Firstly, these sensors serve as an early warning system, alerting you to any unauthorized entry or tampering attempts.

When a window or door is opened or forced open, the sensor triggers an alarm, allowing you to take immediate action or notify the authorities. This provides an additional layer of protection and can deter potential intruders.

Secondly, window and door sensors integrate with home security systems, enabling remote monitoring and control. You can receive real-time notifications on your smartphone or computer, keeping you informed of any activity at your home even when you’re away. This helps to enhance peace of mind and enables you to respond promptly in case of an emergency.

Installing sensors on your windows or doors is a proactive security measure that adds an extra level of protection, reinforces your home’s security system, and increases overall safety for you and your family.

All prices reflect cost of labor. Additional charges will be made for materials needed to complete the job
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