Install Motion Sensor

Credit cost – 2 Credits


Add-on cost – $33.00

Why we do this:

Installing motion sensors in your home offers numerous benefits for security, convenience, and energy efficiency. Firstly, motion sensors act as a reliable security measure by detecting movement and triggering an alarm or alert. They provide an added layer of protection, particularly in areas such as entryways, hallways, or outdoor spaces, where unauthorized activity could occur.

Additionally, motion sensors contribute to convenience by automatically turning on lights or activating other devices as you enter a room, eliminating the need for manual switches. This hands-free operation enhances convenience and improves accessibility, especially in situations where your hands may be full or when navigating in low-light conditions.

Moreover, motion sensors promote energy efficiency by ensuring that lights or appliances are only active when needed. They prevent unnecessary energy consumption and help to reduce electricity bills. Overall, installing motion sensors in your home enhances security, convenience, and energy efficiency, making your living space safer, more convenient, and environmentally friendly.

All prices reflect cost of labor. Additional charges will be made for materials needed to complete the job
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