We love working with

We want to help your clients stay in their homes.

We help your patient age-in-place by:

Providing safer

When it is time for your patient to transition home, we will work you both of you to make sure their home is safe and ready.

Preventing avoidable injuries

We work to make sure the home is safe to avoid further injury. We make every effort to minimize the risk of these accidental injuries.

Providing access to accessibility products

We will work with your patients to address activities of daily living such as bathing, sleeping, and using the restroom.

How we will take care of your patient

Preventative Maintenance

Routine Check Ups

We find and solve little problems in the homes of our clients before they become big problems

Maintenance Cleanings

By routinely cleaning appliances, we improve their longevity and their efficiency

Custom Work


We address a wide variety of issues, from loose handrails to tripping hazards. We want your clients to stay safe.

Large Repairs

Sometimes items need repairs that require a custom quote. We offer timely and fair estimates to address these issues.

ADA Accommodations

Wide Variety of Solutions

We offer a wide variety of products and solution to help the homes of your patients become more accessible

Custom Accommodations

We can assist with grab bars, safety poles, ramps, and so much more!


Sign up Questions

In order to provide responsive and affordable service, we only service the homes of our members.

If you don’t see what your patient needs in our catalog, you can request we add it through the online form here.

You will receive a response within two business days.

Send a referral by calling us at 435-466-2468 or by filling out the online referral form in the links below this section. 

After filling out the form, an account representative will be in touch within 48 hrs.

Maintenance Plan Questions

Purchasing a maintenance plan allows your client to choose how many times per year our technicians visit your home. For each visit you receive 24 credits to be spent on any of the maintenance items available in our catalog. In addition you will be able to request ADA accommodations and other custom work to be done in the home. 

Credit Questions

When you sign up for a home maintenance membership you receive credits, which can be exchanged for services. Credits are like a form of currency used to obtain services. Each maintenance task has an assigned credit value.

Your patient will receive 24 credits per visit which you can spend however you choose in exchange for maintenance items found in our catalog. Before each visit, you will be contacted by your account manager to go over how you would like to spend your credits. 

If your client wants to spend more than 24 credits, they can purchase additional tasks as add-ons at the rate found in our catalog. 

Resources for Care Givers Referring Clients

Client Referral Form

Client Referral Process

Download Full Maintenance Catalog

Download List of Current ADA Offerings