Replace Light Bulbs in One Enclosed Fixture

Credit cost – 1 Credit


Add-on cost – $17.00

Why we do this:

Replacing lightbulbs is important for several reasons. Firstly, as lightbulbs age, they tend to become less efficient and emit less light. By replacing old or burnt-out bulbs with new ones, you can restore optimal brightness and illumination in your space.

Secondly, outdated incandescent bulbs consume more energy and have shorter lifespans compared to energy-efficient alternatives like LED bulbs. By switching to energy-efficient bulbs, you can reduce your energy consumption, lower electricity costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Additionally, proper lighting is crucial for safety and productivity. Dim or flickering lights can strain your eyes and increase the risk of accidents. By promptly replacing faulty or inadequate bulbs, you create a well-lit environment that enhances visibility and promotes a comfortable atmosphere.

All prices reflect cost of labor. Additional charges will be made for materials needed to complete the job
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