Leaf Cleanup For 1/4 Of An Acre

Credit cost – 4 Credits


Add-on cost – $67.00

Why we do this:

Cleaning up leaves offers several benefits for your outdoor space and the overall health of your yard.

Firstly, clearing away leaves prevents them from suffocating your grass and plants. Thick layers of leaves can block sunlight and air circulation, leading to grass discoloration, weak growth, and even the development of diseases or pests. By cleaning up leaves, you allow your plants to receive the necessary sunlight and nutrients, promoting healthier growth.

Additionally, removing leaves reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Wet leaves can become slippery, posing a safety hazard for you and your family. Regular leaf removal helps maintain a safe outdoor environment.

Lastly, cleaning up leaves prevents them from clogging gutters, storm drains, and other drainage systems. This helps to avoid water buildup, potential flooding, and costly repairs.

Overall, promotes healthy plant growth, improves safety, and prevents drainage issues, contributing to a well-maintained and enjoyable outdoor space.

All prices reflect cost of labor. Additional charges will be made for materials needed to complete the job
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